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from Praesagium by Iconoclast//Messiah

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You ever know a motherfucker, cold blood
Give him 30 pieces and your ass in the mud
It takes about a minute now, to realize
Ain't no honor behind lying eyes
Wants to be your boy, wants to be your ace
But suckers like him need to know their place
They treat you like the king, yeah, when you around
But turn your back they gonna steal that crown
Everything is kosher when you're playing the game
But they won't be there when situations change
'Cause the real them are there behind a social mask
So get wise quick it's time to kick some ass
Tossing them daggers aimed straight at your back
Spinning your head til your neck goes snap
So listen up good to the sermon today
Going nowhere, time to make them pay

People like you just make me sick
So jealous and hating, na na na na
People like you can't make me quit,
So step the fuck back and get off my jock

You're duplicitous, can't say it to my face
Like Stalin with his photographs you'll be erased
Yeah you're trying but you ain't winning
So bow the fuck down you two-faced asshole

You thought that you could write me off
I didn't matter, but you never seen me come off
And now it's a matter of time before we make it right
And show you just how a fucker like me rolls
Tried to hold me down and thought I couldn't do it
But Messiah is here and running through it
So it hurts inside when I told you so
With a dope ass sound while you eatin' that crow
Never think you'll get on this side of the line
And hold real still while I wax that behind
The real deal's here and he's doing it solo
And I keep rising so I'll never plateau
I know you think you'll be on this level someday
But you never listen to the words I say
Cause you can't put up or shut up or get up so shut the fuck up
And choke on those tears while you watch me blow the fuck up

You're duplicitous, can't say it to my face
Burning like an effigy you'll be defaced
Yeah you're trying but you ain't winning
So get the fuck out you treasonous bastard

You want a piece of me, go ahead
Wanna be on the marquee, go ahead
Wanna go up toe to toe, go ahead
You can calm this tornado, go ahead
Just heed the warning that I told you before and pucker those lips so you just can kiss my ass

Now it's time to come around, can't hold me down
Dancing a jig because you're a fucking clown
Thought that you could leave an artist dead and buried
But I rise from the grave because my style's so varied
You might cock the hammer and aim for the head
But unlike a zombie I'll never stay dead
I'ma flick you off my ballsack like a flea
And that's when you'll know you never dick with me

So, taste your defeat
You're trampled underneath
Weeping and gnashing of teeth
Now you know

You're duplicitous, can't say it to my face
And like a sinning preacher you'll be disgraced
Yeah you're trying but you ain't winning
So crawl on the fucking ground you cold backstabber


from Praesagium, released October 11, 2017


all rights reserved



Iconoclast//Messiah Albany, New York

Many have called without report but the clarion trumpets have finally answered in the form of pounding drums, vertiginous synthesizers, thunderous bass, ominous guitars, and guttural vocals telling stories intended to entertain, pontificate, shock, and inspire.

Iconoclast//Messiah has come.
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